IR35 Reform

End Clients

How can IF Payroll help?

As an End Client the off-payroll reforms will affect you the most. On the approach to the expected reform launch in April 2020 it was clear to see how upset Contractors were with being classed as Inside IR35 when they passionately believed they were not. The evidence suggested that the battle was going to be more on talent rather than compliance. Being able to work with these regulations will allow you to concentrate on your true business objectives whilst removing the risk of major disruptions to your talent pool.

When working with our current End Clients, we identified that adjustments to their working practises and engagement structures were needed in order to adhere with the new laws. There is mounting evidence to suggest that this will be the case with the majority of End Clients. Fear not however as we have the skills and expertise to review, design and implement any changes needed. Our employees, working alongside our pool of specialist consultants, can project manage the entire change process to minimise disruption to your business before the 6th of April 2021 deadline.

When the reforms bite there will be an increased administrative burden put upon the End Clients. IR35 PRO has been designed to work with the long established IR35 laws as well as adopting the new requirements. With the correct process and procedures working alongside a robust legal structure you will be able to engage legitimate freelancers through their Personal Service Companies. Workers who are determined as inside IR35 will be processed through our accredited Umbrella payroll, meaning you can rest assured that all your obligations under the IR35 reforms are met.

How we can adapt your processes to align them with the off-payroll reforms

IR35 PRO – Practical consultancy, insured solutions!

  • Our support allows you to continue engaging contractor talent without a significant uplift in operating costs
  • Keeping your contractor workforce will provide you the ability to flex it according to your business demands
  • We manage the IR35 determination process for you, clearly defining which workers are inside or outside of IR35
  • Your team will always be up to date on all IR35 risks whilst gaining new skills on how to manage them
  • Minimise the impact of IR35 reform on your business

Our unique suite of services, underwritten by Markel UK Insurance, can be used as a complete program or as separate modules.

An initial, free risk assessment providing:

  • Strategic insights and solution options considered
  • Formal proposal, identifying risk elements and root causes

Create and distribute individual Status Determination Statements (SDS):

  • Provide the spearhead for any HMRC audits
  • Detailed feedback on each determination
  • Periodic reviews to ensure determinations remain relevant

Provide ongoing IR35 based training:

  • Auditable proof of everyone’s knowledge
  • Assurance that SDS’ conditions remain the same throughout assignment

Access to our bespoke Status Determination Engine

  • Identify assignments as inside or outside of IR35
  • No “unable to determine” cases
  • A worthy replacement to HMRC’s CEST
  • Investigation insurance policy for outside IR35 determinations

Implement and manage your determination disagreement process:

  • Contractor has direct access to our Analysts
  • Reasons understood and additional evidence gathered
  • Dispute closed within 45 days

Inside IR35 – EOR/Fee Payer responsibilities:

  • Directly engage with PSC’s or become Umbrella employer (case dependent)
  • Regular audits with End Client to evidence PAYE settlement with HMRC
  • Removal of all debt transfer risks

How will the IR35 PRO process work?

Our process flow provides a comprehensive audit trail as proof of ‘reasonable care’. IF Payroll can act as Employer of Record, if required, via our clear, fair and transparent payroll service.

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