IR35 Reform

End Clients

How can IF Payroll help?

As an End Client the adjustments to IR35 are going to affect you the most. But being able to work with these regulations will allow you to concentrate on your true business objectives and without any major disruptions to your talent pool.

Why engage IF Payroll?

  • Our support allows you to continue engaging contractor talent without a significant uplift in operating costs
  • Keeping your contractor workforce will provide you the ability to flex it according to your business demands
  • We manage the IR35 determination process for you, clearly defining which workers are inside or outside of IR35
  • Your team will always be up to date on all IR35 risks whilst gaining new skills on how to manage them
  • Minimise the impact of IR35 reform on your business

Our unique suite of services, underwritten by Hiscox Insurance, can be used in singular form or as a complete program.

An initial, free one-hour risk assessment providing:

  • Strategic insights and solution options to be considered
  • A report to identify the risk elements with root causes

Create and distribute individual Status Determination Statements (SDS):

  • Provide necessary evidence to support the requirement of “reasonable care”
  • Specific feedback on how each determination was reached
  • Periodic reviews to ensure determinations remain relevant

Provide ongoing IR35 based training:

  • Delivered to your staff plus Outside IR35 Contractors
  • Auditable proof of your employee’s and contractor’s IR35 knowledge
  • Assurance that active SDS’s remain valid

Access to our bespoke Status Determination tool:

  • Highlight workers whose assignments are clearly identifiable as inside or outside of IR35
  • Identify cases that require further review from our Compliance Analysts

Design, implement and manage a bespoke determination disagreement process:

  • Resolve enquiries without your engagement (where possible)
  • Escalate cases to End Client personnel where needed

Take on Fee Payer responsibilities for cases inside IR35:

  • Directly engage with PSC’s or become Umbrella employer (case dependent)
  • Conduct regular audit reviews with End Client to evidence correct deductions and settlement with HMRC
  • Evidence will remove all Debt Transfer risks

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