IR35 Reform


How can IF Payroll help?

Whether you are considered Inside or Outside of IR35, IF Payroll has a service offering that you can benefit from.

If you are Inside IR35

Complimentary access to our bespoke Status Determination tool:

  • Giving you the tools to understand or challenge your End Clients IR35 determination
  • Help understand why you’re inside IR35 and if changes can be made to alter this
  • Continuously updated to reflect any amendments to IR35 legislation

IF Payroll become the Fee Payer:

  • Directly engage with PSC’s or become Umbrella employer (case dependent)
  • As an accredited provider, you can be assured your affairs are being managed in line with all laws
  • Transparent payslips and processes to prove our professionalism

If you are Outside IR35

Evidence based challenges if you feel you are wrongly classed as Inside:

  • We manage your case, providing evidence to the End Client, so they can legitimately engage your PSC
  • Ensure your End Client is adhering to the IR35 dispute process
  • Detailed feedback and guidance provided throughout

Provide ongoing IR35 based training:

  • Making you more employable
  • Certification to prove your understanding of the IR35 rules , which can be shown to current/potential End Clients
  • Direct saving to Clients a they will have the assurance of engaging a truly independent contractor

Why engage IF Payroll?

  • Our support will ensure you can understand and manage your affairs in line with IR35 legislation
  • If you are correctly identified as outside of IR35, you will be able to manage your finances as you always have
  • Our team will be on hand to discuss any concerns you may have about your contract chain, including any solutions that appear to navigate around IR35!
  • You’ll soon realise that you can continue to prosper as a contractor

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