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IR35 reforms will be introduced into the private sector from April 2021, following a one-year postponement due to the Coronavirus. The changes will affect contractors, agencies and end clients alike and it’s important that each level of the supply chain is prepared well in advance.

Some things were very clear in the run up to the original April 2020 commencement date; clients were not prepared, agencies and platform providers were in flux and contractors were desperate to remain Outside IR35 and largely ignorant of what the implications of IR35 are for clients and fee payers.

It is vital now that clients use this unexpected delay to seize the initiative and begin transforming their processes, reviewing their contracts, defining scopes of work, communicating with and educating their supply chain. With the correct partners and solutions in place blanket determinations can be avoided, many contractors can be kept legitimately outside IR35 and key talent can be attracted and retained.

IR35 PRO from IF Payroll is a market leading solution to the challenges posed by the rollout of IR35 reform in the Private Sector (and the Public Sector for those still in need of a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy). The service is a combination of practical consultancy and insured solutions.

IR35 Reform
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IR35 Reform

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IF Payroll are in the envious position of being able to support our clients entire IR35 based needs.

IR35 PRO advises and directs enterprise clients on how they must adapt their contract talent engagement processes to correctly align with the off-payroll (IR35) laws. During the run in to the abandoned April 2020 reforms it was obvious how naïve and unprepared our clients were for these changes.

Our Umbrella services, accredited under the Professional Passport banner, ensures the tax affairs of contractors inside IR35 are managed effectively and professionally.

What Our Clients Think

Once again your assistance and everyone else’s whom I have spoke with at IF have been super pleasant! Wish I had known you as a company before!

Superna, Contractor

We have partnered with IF Payroll to deliver IR35 solutions to our clients.  We easily integrated their SDS tool into our platform and have found them knowledgeable and practical on all matters IR35 related.  Together we have created an integrated solution that we could take to clients.

James , Enterprise Sales Director

Even though we worked together for a short term. It was a wonderful experience with the IF team. I was new to Germany, You and your team have given me good directions to working as a freelancer. You and your team are very approachable for me at any time. Surely I will consider If-contracting in the future.

Prasanna, Contractor

IBSC has worked with IF Payroll both to provide Status Determination Statements (SDS) and as an umbrella employer for our contractors.  We have found them extremely knowledgeable and responsive on all matters relating to IR35

Islam, Director

I would like to express my gratitude to IF and the team for providing hassle free payroll and German compliance; during my time with IF there was never an issue with answering any questions that I posed and always polite and efficient staff on hand.

Jed, Contractor

As a fully integrated partnership, we have had no hesitation to introduce IF Workforce to our client base and use their services, blended with ours to produce a robust and compelling service offering. IF Workforce understand the challenges for IR35 and for wider employment and payroll services, they are experts and very friendly people to work with, give them a challenge and they will rise to it.

Mike, Managing Director

Dear Dionne,

Many thanks again for your fast response! I would hire you if I had a company!

Chris, Contractor

I attended an IR35 presentation hosted by IF Payroll. They were able to convey a complex subject in a digestible manner and have the full range of solutions to support agencies.

Andy, Managing Director